Module cannot be started because it requires org.ict4h.openmrs.openmrs-atomfeed

Hello, please I have created new OpenMRS module and can build it successfully. But when it is time to upload it in OpenMRS module, I get this error :

Module Savics Gmao Module cannot be started because it requires the following module(s): org.ict4h.openmrs.openmrs-atomfeed 2.5.6 Please install and start these modules first.

Could any one help me on this please? Here is the repo: GitHub - savicsorg/openmrs-module-savicsgmao: Lets you expose via Rest web wervice endpoints to manage equipements maintenance

@anatoleabe Are you able to compile it from here? to get the omod file and upload it

@gcliff you mean by cloning the project and compiling from by computer? if so, yes, but the version is actually 2.5.7. So I don’t know what to do.

yes cloning and compiling it because is the latest release is 2.5.6 , so 2.5.7 being requested for should be the snapshot version of the module which you will get by compiling it

I did it, and now I have this when trying to start the atomfeed module in OpenMRS

Any Idea @gcliff, @dkayiwa ?

@anatoleabe could there be a reason why you are using this platform version instead of the latest one?

This could be the cause of the incompatibility with the latest snapshot version of Atom feed module

@gcliff this is what I had after I generated the module. What could be a good version to use, please? Here is the logs of tomcat

could you try 2.5.0-snapshot

@gcliff thank you for your help. I used the version 2.3.4 for the Platform, then I dropped the database and recreating everything and I also imported the Atom feed module 2.5.6 version and it is working now.