Modify the odoo login page

Hi @gsluthra and @mohant,

I am trying to hide the Manage Databases and Powered by Odoo text in the odoo login page which is accessed on the 8069 port when installed using docker bahmni-standard.

I have given custom odoo modules path in the .env and docker-compose.yml files and tried to modify the css, but the changes are not being reflected.

rm_db_selector.rar - Google Drive
You can install this custom app
place the file to /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/
restart the odoo service
Go to Apps, Click on “Update Apps List” and then install

if bahmni-addons path is not mapped then do the following

  1. on .env file please add

EXTRA_ADDONS_PATH=‘/opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons’ BAHMNI_ODOO_MODULES_PATH=‘/opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons’

  1. on docker compose yml file uncomment this line
  • ${BAHMNI_ODOO_MODULES_PATH}:/opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/
  1. mkdir -p /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons

  2. cd /opt/bahmni-erp/

  3. git clone

  4. mv /opt/bahmni-erp/odoo-modules/* /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/

  5. docker compose up -d odoo

Thanks for sharing this @akhilantotharayil. Is there a github repo link to see the code you wrote?

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