Modify and Deploy OpenELIS code in Bahmni?

I found the source files of Bahmni Lab. Now i want to know that – Is there any IDE i have to install to test the existing code for my changes or are there any inbuilt feature available in linux environment to modify code and configuration files?

(Posted on behalf of a community member)

Most developers usually work with Vagrant box – wherein you can change the code files on your Host OS using an IDE you are comfortable with, and deploy the changes / compiled code in the Vagrant box.

If you have deployed Bahmni on a Linux machine, one potential way to deploy code changes would be to build the code on your own machine, and just copy over the OpenELIS files to the Linux box. If you are making small changes, and directly want to do that, you can – using any Linux editor (nano, vi, etc).

For OpenELIS, the code (exploded war file) needs to be copied into the following location: /opt/bahmni-lab/bahmni-lab

To compile / build OpenELIS code, execute the command ant test dist (requires your machine to have Java 7 and Ant)