Modeling non-drug order treatment advices?

For example if the doctor says - mild exercise, avoid alcohol, etc. The problem that I am looking to solve is how to do I present (on UI, printouts) treatment advice in a standard way so that drug and non-drug advices can be grouped together. Currently we have been doing it using observations. Thanks

There are multiple potential types of drugs that are not all yet supported in the order entry service. For example:

  • Medications
  • IV Fluids
  • Oxygen/Ventilator
  • Blood products (does this need a separate category, or could this be a test to type & cross + nursing order to hang blood products?)
  • Tests (with lab tests, imaging tests, and procedural tests as subtypes)
  • Activity
  • Precautions
  • Diet
  • Vitals/Monitoring (includes call orders)
  • Consults/Referrals
  • General Care (Nursing, other orders)
  • Letters
  • Patient Handouts
  • Patient Instructions

General advice to the patient would likely be given as a handout or as patient instructions. Diet and activity order types would be more likely used to direct staff in an inpatient settings (i.e., not orders directed to the patient).

We have only started with medication and test order types. If we need to introduce additional order types, it would be great discussion here and/or on an upcoming design call.

@jteich, maybe you have a canned answer to this? :smile: