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Hello team

I was just wondering if anybody got any significant experience with developing and implementing mobile applications to work with the openMRS platform? There is currently quite a few different options on using a open MRF client mostly delivered to specific projects. I’m looking to try and implement a mobile solution without having to “reinvent the wheel”. I just wondering what is the most mature mobile application which is the most easiest to develop/modify to get a workable mobile solution in place. Some of the mobile solutions that I’ve already been investigating are as follows: Muzima mOpenMRS QuickChart Remote Medical EMR.

Very interested to hear anybody’s experiences with implementing and maintaining a mobile solution for openMRS



Hello @oliebolz,

You can check out OpenMRS Android Client, most of the features of OpenMRS are already available in this application including patient registration, vital capture, etc along with offline mode. Here is link of Github Repo:

Let us know if you face any problem during the implementation, we will be happy to help you.



I also think that OpenMRS Android Client is a good choice.

Moreover, you can see more options at

Regards, Jakub.

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Thanks guys, I had already looked at the official OpenMRS android client and it’s only looked quite good. I was just wondering why there were so many different projects? I guess each service the needs of its own implementation?

Yes, the use cases were different and even the devices. For instance some targeting J2ME low end phones, others for android, IOS, etc.

Hi @oliebolz,

If Bahmni is an option, then there is also Bahmni Connect.

Thanks for that … I was not aware that there was a specific mobile application for Bahmni. Is there any documentation on the connect project?

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@oliebolz yes there is at


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I’ve had a quick look at the documentation looks quite good. Probably what I’m most interested in to try and have a android based mobile application that supports the clinician in updating progress notes as easy as possible.

And this might be a possible project for Google code camp some of code type projects it would be excellent if the mobile application would be able to take voice dictation in a store and forward sort of model pass that off to Google’s speech recognition module have it converted into text behind the scenes and added into the progress note of the patient.

Thanks again


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thanks @oliebolz for wonderful suggestion. We’ll see if we can implement this feature in Android Client. :slight_smile:


Together with my team of students, we are trying to develop a project to improve the medical situation in Ghana. We wanted to use OpenMRS as the main platform to do so. I downloaded and configure OpenMRS on our host to have our own test database. However, the project is suppose to be based on the mobile app version of your platform and I can’t get to access my database through the mobile app neither on iOS nor on Android.

Do I need to add specific module to my openmrs platform?

I get “invalid identifiers” error when I try to log in.

I’m using A2hosting to host the server.

I have a Dynamic VPS with CentOS 7 as the Operating System.

Is that enough information ? If no, which information would you need ?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi @adgo57,

Make sure that you’ve installed REST Module on your OpenMRS server. Android Client heavily uses it. I think most of the errors will go away once you’ve install the module. Let me know if it didn’t work.


Thank you for your help.

Everytime I try to install this module I have this error message : “Error while trying to start module Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘org.openmrs.module.restmodule.RestModuleActivator’ Module: REST Module”

This error also appear for other modules such as : Media Viewer Module, Reporting REST, Moca Module, Form Entry, etc

Do you know how to solve this error ?