Mobile app for Openmrs

We have a requirement to have openmrs system as mobile app.

Is there any previous or ongoing implementation of openmrs similar to this? If so, can any one provide some information over it?

There are a number discussions about this:

This recent thread is worth a look, as well as the Android Client project page and Talk category.

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Hello, many thanks for the efforts put into this. However, the android application kept crashing. I am using Android version 7.0.WhatsApp Image 2020-11-23 at 15.07.04

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Hi @akoruji The PR here is under review for this Bug so if you are building from the source here you can pull in these changes while the PR gets reviewed and merged !! .

Thank you @saurabh. Let me be specific about the issues related to my recent posts on OpenMRS android and biometric.

My organization is currently using OpenMRS standalone Reference Application 2.7.0. We are currently capturing fingerprint details of our clients and storing them on the desktop OpenMRS standalone Reference Application 2.7.0. We have the biometricform.gsp and the BiometricFormController.class in an omod file that allows scanning and validation of existing fingerprints from the database from the OpenMRS standalone Reference Application 2.7.0.

The Challenge: There is an urgent need to scale-up the biometrics capture among all our clients.

The Innovation: Integrate fingerprint collection into OpenMRS android. We need to integrate this finger print data collection as a workflow of register patient module. I have android studio and I would appreciate any guidance to enable me create this functionality in OpenMRS android and deploy as fast as possible.

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@akoruji could you point to the controller class, it would take a bit of time changing schema and database related Issues. but it should not be hard picking up on similar patterns from other modules and implement this feature on the client, I would be happy to help.

cc @rishabh997 we could add this as a next up module for the android client future releases !!

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@saurabh I am totally new to OpenMRS dev. I only studied the architecture to be able to provide you with the explanation above. I await your kind help on how to even be able to deploy the OpenMRS android as the one I installed kept crashing. I also need to know to connect the server to the android client to sync data.

What does it mean to point to the controller class?

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just wanted to see its implementation on github

we will have to wait untill the PR is merged since you arent building the client from the source. after that its easy connecting to the servers, we can configure the servers during the login of the app.

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