missing payment method in Openerp

hi I’m a doctor from Thailand and want to implement Bahmni in my hospital. Right now I have trouble of missing payment method in register payment(in customer invoice)

as I tried to search solution in openerp board and create a new payment method from Accounting>>Configuration>>Journals>>Journals>>create but it seems not working, no payment method showing in register payment page apart from cash(actually there are existing payment methods already, see pic)

I’m using Bahmni ver 0.89, windows 10

any suggestion for this?

Thanks Pi

Hi, I tried to solve this myself

It seems the problem is the Journal type of Journal so just Accounting >> Configuration>>Journals>>Journals then pick one and edit “Type” to “Cash” that journal will be suddenly show in payment method in payment register.

ps. since I’m not familiar with accounting. I’m not sure whether this config would be fit with other condition for accounting.

In addition to the Cash Payment by Customer, is there any way to accept Cheque / Bank, Credit Card Payment with additional payment details? Only those Journals which are type “Cash” are displayed in Accounting->Customers->Customer Payments. e.g. If there is a direct deposit to the bank or any other online transaction is there any way to create those payment methods?