Missing OpenMRS IDs

Does any one know why some OpenMRS IDs are not found on searching using the OpenMRS ID Management Users dashboard? These are ids of people who are active on talk and JIRA. An example of such ids is: Zeze & samuel34

cc @burke @cintiadr @r0bby

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Yeah, I mentioned that on our telegram chat.

I cannot find myself, or @r0bby.

By the count, it appears to be missing like 20k people there. But they are in mongodb, as everyone can login happily.

Robby mentioned there’s some replacement for formage that he will try to collect some docs and see if we can use.

@r0bby what’s the workaround to add groups if formage is not working?

Yeah there’s always been 10-20k people that were in mongo but not in ldap – we lost a bunch of users when we had an LDAP corruption issue a few years ago and we had well…no backups…something that only recently got done and took a mass exodus to happen.

re: the way to handle adding groups – I don’t know.

Hum. We have 10-20k less people in formage that are in ldap.

So it’s the opposite. Formage has 60k people, ldap 80k people.

Yup – byproduct of an old bug.

@cintiadr – so what happened was we had a bug where registration was failing, but it wasn’t – it was fixed due to the following bug – with the fix here – it was released as part of v2.0.2 of ID Dashboard.

The numbers you mentioned are about what I remember being the case…one of the issues I wanted to address with the new user management admin dashboard was to be able to get a diff of users in LDAP, but not in MongoDB – or vice versa.