Missing "div" in registerpatient.gsp

In relation to ticket [RA-1925] Weird Commas on Registration Confirmation Screen - OpenMRS Issues that requires the removal of Weird Commas on Registration Confirmation Screen in the name and in the date

when i try to inspect the page it shows me that there is a div that contains all these details <div id="dataCanvas"><p><span class="title">Birthdate: </span>30, January, 1999< - Pastebin.com that i dont see in the codes <div id="confirmation" class="container"> <span id="confirmation_la - Pastebin.com . Full page openmrs-module-registrationapp/registerPatient.gsp at master · openmrs/openmrs-module-registrationapp · GitHub. could it be that am searching for this div in a wrong location? cc @jwnasambu @sharif @mozzy @reagan @dkayiwa @ibacher @jnsereko @kdaud @mseaton @mksd

@ndacyayisenga can you first assign your self the ticket

@herbert24 I did

The contents of that div are generated dynamically via Javascript by this part of the code.

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Hello @ibacher Thanks for the assistance. I think the line responsible is 692 basing on image

summaryDiv.append("<p><span class='title'>" + question.title().text() + ": </span>"
                            + $("<div>").text((question.valueAsText && !/^\s*$/.test(question.valueAsText) ? question.valueAsText : "--")).html() + "</p>");

However am not seeing where the , character is created.

cc @mozzy @herbert24

@jnsereko You’re exactly right. So how is the value of question.valueAsText set? (If it helps, the ConfirmationSectionModel contains SectionModels for each of the sections which contain QuestionModels for the questions for each section).

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