Mirth Messaging Module configuration

Hi, I’m using the openMRS platform version 1.9.8. I want to send HL7 messages from openMRS to Mirth. So, I have installed the mirth messaging module. And I configured it as shown in the following picture :

and as described in the following link : Mirth Messaging Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki . My question is where could I find the config.xml to add the following code? <require_modules> <require_module>org.openmrs.module.mirthmessaging</require_module> </require_modules>

That applies only when you are developing a custom module which depends on the mirth messaging module.

Then how could I send radiology orders from openmrs to mirth? And which modules are necessary to do so?

On the very link that you shared, did you see this text? “This module was in use before OpenMRS had the Rest API, so now it’s not necessary, you can connect mirth to openmrs using the rest module, here’s a page for it https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Connecting+OpenMRS+to+Other+Systems+Using+Mirth