Minor release of Core 1.11.9

@owais.hussain @mogoodrich @raff @wyclif,

We would like to release Core 1.11.9 (because of TRUNK-5213). I’m reaching out to you because you have recently committed on 1.11.x. Any objections to this release?

If I’m not hearing anything by tomorrow, I’ll go ahead. I hope that’s ok…

Cc: @dkayiwa @mksrom

I have no objections

Sure, go ahead.


  • The release on Bamboo here.
  • The release commit here.

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond, but I had no objections! :slight_smile:

@mksd are you planning to do the rest of the steps outlined here for maintenance releases? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+Platform+Release+Process

  • Wiki: ‘Platform Release Notes 1.11.9
  • TRUNK-5264 is still open, preventing the release in JIRA (awaiting @mogoodrich to close the pending ticket.)
  • SourceForge is partially down (it’s been almost 24h). I will try again at a later point to upload the release folder.

@dkayiwa anything else?

Ok done, binaries are on SourceForge and wiki download link is up-to-date.

Nothing more. You did it all perfectly well, @mksd :smile: