MiniCamp - checking for November dates

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Leadership MiniCamp - right after, or before, AMIA, in mid-November, Chicago (read on…)

Hi - on the last leadership call we determined that we would postpone the annual leadership meeting until the winter, but that we’d like to have a “mini”-meeting this fall. Since many people go to the American Medical Informatics meeting, we want to add on a day to that meeting to keep costs low, and minimize travel.

We’re also going to see if we can open up the meeting a bit by having at least some dial-in sessions during that time, to a broader group can participate without traveling to Chicago in November…!

Note - the cheapest time to do this is probably right after AMIA, but we are also trying to assess the times right before AMIA.

By the way, “Leadership Camp” is where leadership topics are discussed, but I believe the tradition is that it is an open meeting. So, if you’re interested, fill out the doodle poll.

We’ll worry about limits of space and agenda if and when we get close to those limits!

yes; leadership camp is an open meeting! we are going to also have a ‘virtual’ option for those unable to attend in person.