Migrating Records from one SQL EMR to OpenMRS

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(Abraham Olatubosun) #1

Hello All, Hope this question meet you all in good health, in my organisation we are migrating our existing records from our EMR that host it data’s in SQL to the adopted OpenMRS.

I was able to write the script that move data’s into the following tables in OpenMRS MySQL database patient data’s into Person; Person_name; Person_Address; Person_Attribute; patient; patient_identifier patient_program .

My issue is logging to OpenMRS to view these records they are not showing , I have tried all i could to no avail. I need any assistance that will show them in find Patient.

I really appreciate any of your help.

Thank you all

(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

Does it help after rebuilding the search index using an equivalent of this https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/admin/maintenance/searchIndex.htm on your system?

(Abraham Olatubosun) #3

Thank you Daniel, good to see you responding to my question, after your visit to Lagos - Nigeria i have not had any contact with you. I did as you asked but the records didn’t appear i still get only one record which i entered from OpenMRS see below what i have on OpenMRS

please any help will be appreciated.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #4

Do you get any results when you search using your equivalent of this screen? https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/findPatient.htm

(Abraham Olatubosun) #5

Many thanks again, i did findPatient.htm it didn’t work either i tried using both the identifier and patient_id at different times still no result, find below the result image:

still waiting for any solution

Thank you all

(Daniel Kayiwa) #6

Search using the patient name.

(Abraham Olatubosun) #7

I want to thank you immensely for all the support, while i upload the our current EMR data into person and patient with all the other tables, I forgot to set Voided to zero (0) after doing this and run the searchIndex.htm it start to displaying Names of patients along with it Id’s

Thank you

(Abraham Olatubosun) #8

Hi Daniel, Hope you are doing Fine and in good health, Please Daniel, i have two issues and i will need you Technical Assistance (TA).

First, I have migrated our patient Records from MS-SQL Server based EMR to OpenMRS, but accessing patient record from Patient dashboard (Recent Visit) Takes a long time to display.

Second, after this displaying patient records in access area tabified (i.e Pharmacy order, Laboratory order, Care,Vital ), when you click on View detail this will show UI Framework Exception Error. Why is this happening.

Please help me.


(Daniel Kayiwa) #9

Do you think you can share the tomcat log at pastebin.com?