Migrating from OpenEMR to OpenMRS

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I came to this forum towards the end of 2018 when we started entering the demographic data from our clinic paper records to a customized version of OpenEMR. We have progressed further and now all 1600 patients details have been added, mainly demographic. However, after stopping the paper registration process from 2019 March we are now using clinic notes, problem list, medication and prescribing module. I am extremely satisfied with the OpenEMR and we are using maybe only 10-15% of the functionality of OpenEMR. We are NOT using billing in any way. After having another look at OpenMRS and some of my friends in Australia and US encouraged me to have another look I have again this feeling that the MRS interface is extremely attractive, simple and user-friendly. Therefore I am again having second thoughts about switching to MRS from EMR.

As I stated before a) Total of 1600+ patients demographic info (no insurance, tax or billing info) At lease in some of these 1600 we have b) Problem list c) Medication lists d) Clinic notes for 1 or more visits e) Allergies We are also using the Prescription Module We have added Two-FActor authentication

I know now that migrating from OpenEMR to OpenMRS under the above condition is possible. As experts of MRS what is your view? What sort of a learning curve do we have to do this? (My technical knowledge of MRS is zero! However, I have a programmer that can will be familiar.

Hope I will get advice from you.

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Putting the migration aside, have you tried out any sort of demo version of OpenMRS, in regards to your requirements?

Yes I had a try even today. Not in great detail Compared to what I saw in 2015, it has improved as to a EHR that can be used out of the box type. If I had seen this type of application I would have picked MRS. Sri Lanka health care is a bit difficult to understand for an outsider. With spending less than 3.2% of the GDP on healthcare it has healthcare indicators comparable to countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Primary care consultations in the government hospital OPDs are less than 5-6 min on average and in the private sector OPDs 10 min. So the data entry during the OPD consultations are very limited and a basic dataset can be implemented using any EHR. However, we are planning with rapid computerization in mind. I think OpenMRS is more than adequate for present and we are working with the future in mind which comes faster than we expect and hope OpenMRS move with the future in mind? Cheers Kumara

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Is this of help? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Migrating+Data+to+OpenMRS

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If you send me a unique/distinct list of the diagnoses/problems, meds/allergies I can review for potential matches to CIEL or where there are gaps.

Thanks Daniel yes it helps to have a good understanding of what we are up against I have passed this to our technical people. We have to take a informed quick decision as to whether we are going ahead with OpenEMR and re-design the user interfaces or move to MRS OpenEMR has every functionality we need and a new version coming in a few weeks will have many others. The Community forum is excellent and the CEO is fantastic The issue is with our short consultation times and doctors demanding that their workflows are not altered we have an issue

Hi Andrew Thanks you We have our problem list/diagnoses mainly from ICPC-2+ classification - about 550+ three digit codes The medicine/allergies are from a unique Sri Lankan drug list of brand-generic names of 8000+. We are thinking of putting the ATC codes to each item but still on the list to do…
What is CIEL? Kumara

Thank you. CIEL (Columbia International eHealth Lab) is the publisher of a standard OpenMRS concept dictionary used by many people. It is a good starting place if you need to have a concept dictionary which will be interoperable with others, and have maps to key reference and administrative codes like ICD-10 and SNOMED.