Migrating FHIR Module 2 to OpenMRS GitHub Organization

Hi everyone,

As anyone following the conversations around FHIR is likely to know, we’ve started building a new version of the FHIR module that can be found here. Obviously, this module is under my GitHub ID and while that’s fine for now, it’d be much nicer if it could be developed under the OpenMRS organization. I was wondering what the process for assigning ownership for the module is.


When repos are community-managed, it’s easier to work under the OpenMRS organization, rather than spending time with redundant permissions management.

I would make the proposal/notice in the repo management category here on Talk. Technically, anyone who is a member of the OpenMRS org on GitHub should be able to move a repo. Socially, a /dev/2 should probably do this under direction and a /dev/3 or above should know when/how to do it when needed.

/cc @dkayiwa

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@dkayiwa Could you possibly delete that version and add my account to the OpenMRS organization so I can move the full repo (including the in progress PRs from Betts)? Thanks!

It will be easier to first deal with those pull requests and request us to move when you are ready.

Hi all,

I think we’re in a state where this can be migrated to the OpenMRS organization, finally.

Thanks @dkayiwa!