Migrate my OpenMRS implementation from windows to linux

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Reference Application 2.9

Hi. I’ve been 1 year with my implementation and everything has worked very well. I have it hosted in Amazon Web Services, in an instance with windows for Tomcat and an RDS instance for the database.

The Amazon Web Services instances with linux are cheaper, so I have tried to migrate my windows implementation to a linux one, with the same version of tomcat and the same version of java and it has always given me errors.

Is there a guide for doing this migration?

Kindly share the error log to help identify the problem.

@elkinleon Would love to know how fur have you gone with migrating to Linux, are you successful in migrating

@elkinleaon what java and tomcat versions are you running??

I’m new here and just installed OpenMRS on my local linux machine.

Can you confirm that you are still using the same MySQL connection? Did you run into MVN errors?

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