Microfrontends Call 2019-08-29 on ZOOM

Hey Everyone

@jdick and @joeldenning will be leading the latest installment of the Microfrontends call today on https://om.rs/zoommicrofrontend at 3pm UTC

Agenda for the meeting will include:

  1. Review of the Previous weeks activities
  2. Planning for the next week

JIRA : https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=216&view=detail

Looking forward to meeting you there!

cc: Micro Frontends Architecture for OpenMRS


Hi @c.antwi is this meant to be today 2019-08-29 as opposed to 28?

Yes. I corrected the title and added the dev category + meetings tag.

BTW, if we are going to use “TODAY” in a topic’s title, we should try to remember to remove that word by the end of that day, since it becomes invalid for notifications generated by any subsequent replies on the topic that may follow.

Thanks for the clarification.