Metadata Sharing -- Publishing Package


We’ve been using the MDS module extensively for years now, but just recently started to use the publish/subscribe model which is working well for us… don’t know why we didn’t start to use it earlier!

A question for you though… when you create a new package (either from scratch or from an existing package) you have the option to “Publish the package and include the URL in its content”. But if you don’t publish the package upon creation, but rather click the “publish” link after creation, it is published, but the URL is not included in the content. Do you remember if this was intended, or is a bug, (or is a potential enhancement that was difficult to implement at the time, since the package had already been created)?

I can create a ticket if need be, but wanted to check with you first.

(Our use case is that I just used the “check now” and “apply updates” to update one of our servers, but because some of the packages we updated weren’t published until after creation, the latest versions don’t have the URL included, so on the next update we will have to do it manually again… obviously, not a big blocker).

Thanks and take care! Mark

Happy to hear you started to use that feature! It was developed in GSoC 2011 so it was sitting there for a long time :slight_smile:

Yeah it was by design since packages were meant to be immutable to avoid potential issues with introducing breaking changes. The URL should be included after you create a new version though.

That said the URL in the content is used for subscribing to the package automatically when you first load it. You can still configure a subscription for a package that do not have the URL in its content by going to Import Metadata -> Import Package and pasting the link for the package. It should recognize you have imported that package manually in the past and configure a subscription for the future.

Cool, thanks @raff… that makes sense!

Take care, Mark