Metadata sharing nolonger on the mdsbuilder

FWIW, am the one who did the platform 2.0 upgrade and i did it yesterday, after i had noticed that the metadatasharing module was not installed and the running platform version was older than our most recent release. All i did was replace the war file and run the upgrade wizard.

@dkayiwa, I see, thanks!

You can find Ellen’s backup by sshing to the server and doing locate *.sql

-Darius (by phone)

Ellen’s backup doesn’t have RA packages so the DB must have been nuked before her dump.

Also I no longer have access to /var/lib/OpenMRS/ on mdsbuilder when I SSH so I can’t get mysql credentials to do a backup of the current broken state and restore my backup from April. Anyone can help with that? (nevermind, I forgot I can sudo)

I successfully used mdsbuilder for ref app 2.4 release, and it was well at that point, after the upgrade of the server to ref app 2.4 modules.

I have a couple of MySQL dumps one of which I made before I started importing CIEL but I will not rely on this to restore things unless it was desperate. I will have to figure out which of thos dumps was the original as well.

Okay, I restored to the April backup (no worries I made backup from before my restore if needed), upgraded to the latest CIEL ( and upgraded to OpenMRS Platform 2.0.0.

Note that you should not be importing CIEL 1.11.2 into mdsbuilder as it is running platform 2.0.0 now, which is not compatible. I asked @akanter to start releasing CIEL for platform 2.0.0.

Anyway, we have the issue of empty descriptions in concepts to resolve. As I understand a new validation rule was added to platform 2.0.0 that all concepts must have at least one non-empty description (found TRUNK-2809). Was that agreed upon with Andy? There seems to be plenty of concepts without description in CIEL, see e.g. For what it matters I disagree with that new requirement and I would revert it (it would mean another platform release).

We won’t be able to export nor import any of the concepts missing description into platform 2.0.0.

BTW since I restored the backup from April, please use credentials you used in April to access mdsbuilder :slight_smile:

Now I can now access my account, thanks guys!

Changes that required a concept description have been reverted for TRUNK-2809 Now the current blocker is @akanter to release CIEL for platform 2.0 @akanter do you have an estimate of when you could be done with this? :slight_smile:

I will try to do it tonight

@raff No luck. I received the following error doing the build: Tests in error: shouldUpgradeMVP(org.openmrs.contrib.liquibaserunner.UpgradeMVPTest): org/openmrs/util/databasechange/SourceMySqldiffFile : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

I ran the following: mvn clean test -Dtest=UpgradeMVPTest -Dopenmrs.version=“2.0.0” -Ddb.user=“openmrs” -Ddb.password=“xxxxxxx” -Dmvp.file="/Users/akanter/liquibaserunner-standalone/openmrs_concepts_1.6.6_20161009.sql" -Ddb.url=“jdbc:mysql://localhost:3316/liquibaserunner?autoReconnect=true&createDatabaseIfNotExist=true” -DfailIfNoTests=false

@akanter the problem is that to run Platform 2.0 you need to be running on Java 8.

We need to help update your process/scripts for this. (I guess that @raff has the most insight into how we should do this.)

what are the crendetials @raff i cannot login with the Username: admin and password :Admin123 like i was doing before

I have created you an account. I will send you the details via PM.

I need to have JAVA 8 on my Mac? OK.

Wait, because you still need an earlier Java too run the prior OpenMRS versions. I’m going that Rafal knows your setup and can suggest the best way to do this. (My own thought is to use docker…)

-Darius (by phone)

@akanter and if you find the platform 2.0.0 war file restricting you via concept descriptions, you can use the snapshot version that has the fix here

Folks, I need specific instructions on how to modify my environment to re-export the file. For this build, why doesn’t @raff just upgrade the 1.11 export and send me a .SQL dump that I can package? There are some tweaks I do to the file to add global properties, etc. but I can do that from the .SQL dump.

Now I am screwed as I can’t even go backwards to Java 6. Anyone have any steps to “uninstall” 8 and go back to the legacy 6 version on OS El Capitan?

@akanter install Jenv - which allows you to manage multiple Java versions on your laptop.

Once you set it up you can use Java8 to complete this process, then revert to whatever version you had before.

In case you use maven, you need to install the plugin

I know this is now all sorted and everything, but my question is:

What exactly is important to keep on mdsbuilder environment/machine? If I wanted to recreate this machine somewhere else, apparently it’s not simply get openmrs up and running, right?