Metadata sharing issues

Hello everyone,

i’m trying to export metadatas using the metadata sharing module but anytime there is a concept in the package i’m exporting , the exportation will fail with the “failed validation” error. so the failures occur when i try to export concepts or htmlforms. here is the errors i get for the htmlforms package exportation : htmlform metadata error -

Any idea?


This concept Concept [id:5089 uuid:5089AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA] failed to be validated .with short name SpO2, which version of platformVersion,metadatasharing module,metadatamapping,and are you running

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platformVersion: 2.3.0, metadata sharing: 1.7.0, metadata mapping: 1.3.4, 2.28.0.df1459

You have more than one fully specified name for the concept with id 5092 in the same locale. Turn off the preferred flag for all the names but one, for this concept.

You also have more than one short name for the concept with id 5089 in the same locale. Ensure that for each locale, this concept has just one short name.

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Hi @dkayiwa,

is there any other way to export concepts. The metadata sharing way has a lot of issue even on the openmrs demo. There is always errors with locales, fully specified names and its very hard to go through each concept in the errors log to change it.


Exporting concepts for what purpose?

Maybe exporting is not the right word but i have created a lot of concepts and modified some existing ones while developing and now i’m moving to production and i don’t want to recreate everything, i can’t even remember all of them.

Use this: Metadata Sharing Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Hi @dkayiwa,

i didn’t see anything in the document that would help avoid the errors

Did you try out the module?

yes i the errors i mentionned at the beginning of the post came from the module

Can you share the error log via

I have managed to reduce the errors to 30. All the concepts that are in the log cannot be found in the database and i get an error while trying to search them: “Error while attempting to find concepts - null”

Does the concept with id 123 have any name?

i get this when i search it:

What does this sql statement return? select * from concept_name where concept_id = 123

It returns “null”

How about this one? select * from concept_name where concept_id = 126

same thing

Are you sure that you are running this sql statement on the same exact database who server side log you shared above?