Metadata Package Export failure due to Duplicate concepts names in CIEL

I have encountered a failure ,when building a metada package for Covid-19 due to duplication of names of some concepts. some of these include

  • liberia (165784 ,162606)
  • Senegal (165788 ,162610)
  • Sierra Leone (165789 , 162608)
  • United States of America (165820,162885 )

the above concepts names are duplicated in more than one concept, and i referenced the concept IDs where they are duplicated . This makes the validation to fail ,when i try to export them with in the metada package am building.

I was thinking of the following work arounds

  • i either exclude those concepts in the metada package am building
  • i retire one of the concepts in each case since the duplicates are exactly the same.

cc @ibacher @akanter @ball .

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I thought I would have caught those. I will make the fix and hopefully have a new CIEL release out by tomorrow


Thats great @akanter.
However am wondering if there could be other duplicates ??

Unlikely as it was due to a rapid creation of country content. You can retire the higher concept_ID concepts, but then you also have to change the concept IDs in the Country set. I just did that for the current release.

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New build of CIEL being uploaded to dropbox.


Great work @akanter. Let me re-upload that to MDSBuider

well done @akanter. I loaded the new version you released today. All the duplicates are cleared apart from United states of America. But for the porpose of the metadata package am building , i will retire one of them

Hello , @akanter @ibacher @mozzy, Am facing same problem while exporting Reference Application Diagnoses package. i have successfully exported Reference Application Concepts.There seems to be two duplicate concepts in current CIEL .

  • ConceptId 119537: concept Name: Depression

  • ConceptId: 119685, concept Name: Cystitis

Here is the full error Another problem could be validation of concepts as seen in the logs

These are two quite different underlying problems:

Cystitis (119685) looks like a simple error in CIEL. It’s mapped as both SAME-AS and NARROWER-THAN ICPC2 U71 (hence the error “Cannot map a reference term multiple times to the same concept”). I suspect the intention was to change 119685 to be marked as NARROWER-THAN ICPC2 U71. If that’s the case, it should be easy enough to fix on mdsbuilder itself.

@akanter Can you please confirm?

119537 is failing because it’s fully specified name in French (“Dépression”) is also the fully specified name for 142563 in French (“Depressive Disorder”) (hence the error “‘Dépression’ is a duplicate name in locale ‘fr’”). I’m not exactly sure what to suggest here.

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Thanks @ibacher for your clarification, I was suggestion we duplicate them,Surprisingly this is only happening on reference application diagnoses package

I am also unsure why these are arising now. The Cystitis error was bizarre, but I removed the same as map. For French, I will have to change the FSN for Depressive disorder. Need help from a French speaker @michaelbontyes?

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Thanks @akanter , Waiting for your feedback

cc @michaelbontyes, Any help for French translation here cc .@akanter, any updates so fur

No updates other than removing the same-as map to Cystitis. Waiting on a different French FSN for depressive disorder.

Great thanks @akanter , let me try removing a map to cystitis, and i think for depressive disorder, we can duplicate one.

Trouble dépressifs makes more sense. used ggogle translation :slightly_smiling_face:

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I updated this to: Trouble dépressif if you want to manually make the change to generate the export.

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Thanks @akanter @mozzy , it worked perfect :ok_hand:

Looking at Larousse Médical, they use “la maladie dépressive” or “la dépression”; also, apparently “mélancolie” is still active French medical terminology, but that seems closer to “major depressive disorder”.

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