Metadata mapping sprint


Let me start from thanking @kosmik, who worked on the last release of the Metadata Mapping module. You can updated yourself on what was going on in this thread.

What I’d like us to do next is to develop a basic UI for setting up module’s metadata. What I propose is that any module can create mappings it requires and then a system administrator can go to the manage metadata mappings to point mappings to the actual metadata in the system or create the actual metadata and set mappings for you.

Alongside we’ll add support for mappings to HTML Form Entry module so that you can start referencing metadata using mappings instead of their names or UUIDs in html forms. @mogoodrich, we’d like to validate the approach with you at some point. If you have any initial thoughts, they are much appreciated!

The work is to support the Vertical Packaging from OpenMRS Road Map.

I’ll be setting up and announcing a sprint soon. Any suggestions are welcome. //CC: @burke, @darius, @mseaton, @ball

We’ll rely on the Soldevelo team (@adamg, @gutkowski, @tmarzeion) for development.

@kosmik, would you be able to help us over the next 2-4 weeks?

@tomgriffin, would you be interested in working along to setup the sprint, do some UI mocks or just do some thinking around it?


Glad to contribute time especially since we continue to be dedicated users of MDS. As for the mappings, we only do this with unique (when a concept reference term is used for only 1 concept). Examples: PIH and CIEL mappings. We prefer to use these mappings instead of using uuids or concept_ids.

This is great Rafal.

May I suggest you give a quick executive summary of the current state? (The other thread you linked to is 50 messages long.)

It would be nice to have

  • a mockup
  • a code snippet of what we’re trying to enable module authors to do

@raff: heppy to help. I followed up with your request here as well. Once I get a good idea of what we’re looking to do I can spin up a prototype in a few days that we can use as a starting point for discussion.

Thanks @tomgriffin. Feel free to ask about anything.

FYI, I’ve already setup a sprint at

Anyone is welcome to join us and help by simply claiming an issue!

We’ll be adding more issues as we go as we’re still in planning.

The sprint will last for 2 weeks. It should end with releases of 3 modules: Metadata Mapping, Metadata Sharing and Html Form Entry.

@darius, good point. I’ll reply with a summary and further details soon.

Thanks @raff, great to see this move forward!

I have just returned from my summer holidays and would be able to participate for at least one working day for this sprint. I think I would be of the most help in finishing MAP-8 but @gutkowski already claimed said issue. Let’s see if he wants to continue working on it. I guess I don’t have any expertise related to any of the other tasks.