Merging bahmni-openmrs, bahmni-emr rpms

Currently, as part of the installation we install bahmni-openmrs followed by bahmni-emr. The bahmni-emr rpm overrides certain files created by openmrs rpm - which is fine in CentOS 6.x but NOT in CentOS 7.x.

To solve this issue, we are considering merging of bahmni-openmrs, bahmni-emr rpms. Please share your experiences/ suggestion. @mksd, @mksrom, @ramses, @arjun, @ajeenckya, @apaule, @sudhamsh, @angshuonline


As said over the various discussions about this so far my take is that Bahmni distro should drive which version of the Core and what modules should be packaged. Then a single RPM should take care of leveraging this all upon installing.