[MERGED] Review Request - HTML-776 - Adding a date filter to HTML Form Entry Velocity Functions

I would like a review on this PR HTML-776 Add an optional date attribute to latestObs, earliestObs, latestEncounter and currentProgramWorkflowStatus to limit the date search for each of the expressions by ssmusoke · Pull Request #241 · openmrs/openmrs-module-htmlformentry · GitHub which adds the ability to add a maximum date for the following functions

  • latestObs
  • latestEncounter and latestEncounter(EncounterType)
  • programWorkflow

This allows better use of these functions to cut off data searches based on the encounter and visit dates, if needed

Thanks @dkayiwa for reviewing and merging the PR

I have also updated the documentation here


Thank you @ssmusoke for always doing things generically from within community supported modules instead of taking shortcuts via custom modules. Very good spirit of sharing. You are a true long term investor!!! :slight_smile:


Sure , thats a beautiful spirit
@ssmusoke looks to me a prefect candidate for /de/5 :1st_place_medal: