Merge Patient record


How to merge two patient ID ( Two Patient ID of the same Patient )

Thanks Sanjay

Hi sanjayap,

Same Patient ID for one patient. Now Bahmni actively doesn’t use/support merging of duplicate patients feature. However you can achieve that by using Patient matching module provided by openmrs. Please refer to the wiki link from openmrs.

Thanks, Amol.

How to do that in Bahmni or need to go through the Openmrs i didnt find any patient matching module in openmrs can you please note that whether that is available from Openmrs.

Thanks Sanjay

@sanjayap Please go to OpenMRS Admin page --> Patients --> Find patients to merge.

There you will find an option to search for duplicate patients and then merge them.


I selected two of the attribute and now result is not seemed i am doing this in Bahmni

Thanks Sanjay

@sanjayap, Can you share screenshot.

Hi @sanjayap, currently if you use patient merge functionality of openmrs on possible DB of Bayalpata (which Akhil has suggested), it would error out because of the volume of data. This issue has been already identified + addressed but not available as part of 0.85 version of Bahmni, this would be available in the next release of Bahmni which we shall deploy at Bayalpata. Please see this pull request submitted to Open MRS to fix this issue. As far as merging 2 duplicate patients whose ID you are already aware of, there is a open requirement in the possible health requirement list which is yet to be addressed to support this feature to search patient based on ID to trigger the merge process. Please see this mingle card for more details on the same. Please let me know if this answers your questions. Thanks, Karrtik