Merge Patient Data From Multiple Installations - GSoC Midterm Presentation


Below is my presentation for the Merge Patient Data module - GSoC-2018. Feel free to make your comment and request changes to make this implementation better :blush:

Btw, I welcome all kinds of positive criticism towards making this development better.

cc: @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa


Samuel Male


Is this building on Sync2 module? or this something different?

Actually @ningosi the full context of this is here . We were supposed to leverage the sync2 module but currently, the mergepatientdata module doesn’t depend on sync2 :slight_smile:

Nice work, @samuel34. :slight_smile:

You mention the data are encrypted, but in your demo you export from one server to another without any mention of password or certificate. How does the second server know how to decrypt the data?

Actually, I’m not sure whether this is the right convention or best practice but currently, I use the same key which is consistently the same from server to server. So all servers are aware of the key.

cc: @burke