Mentors: Starting Google Code-in

Hi mentors ( @elliott , @hannah , @harsha89 , @harshadura , @jeremy , @judy , @maurya, @r0bby, @surangak) As you know we have less than 24hrs for GCI to start. This is our first year so it feels unprepared, but we can only learn and improve from here. We would like to thank you for signing up as a mentor for GCI and I hope you have a great time nurturing new contributors to OpenMRS. Please be polite, welcoming and patient with the students, so that we all make this a great experience. We should also follow our development/documentation workflows, similar to how we do our regular development. This means comments on pull requests, comments in JIRA tickets for those pull requests, etc. Students will use the melange task list to claim, but rest our other workflow remains the same. So typically this is what will happen:

  1. Students will claim a task in melange
  2. They will have a minimum of 72hrs to complete the task, eventhough we say in JIRA that this is a low complexity task
  3. Depending on the description of the task in JIRA/melange, students will work on the task and likely ask questions on JIRA or have discussion on Talk/IRC
  4. Pull requests/wiki page changes/videos on youtube/logos on github would be made and a comment with the link will be added to JIRA
  5. Multiple students can work on JIRA issues, but those are different duplicate tasks on melange. So we will have combined comments on a single issue in JIRA
  6. Please review pull requests on github with comments. If rework is required, ensure that the related melange task is not marked completed
  7. If everything is done correctly by the student, congratulate and be thankful, as we normally do :slight_smile:

To make things organized and share the organizing load, we would like to nominate “captains” for each day of GCI. All mentors will work together in replying to questions, communicating with the students on IRC/Talk/Answers. Let us try to avoid using the dev list because there are too many people who’ll get these emails. See this Google spreadsheet that was shared with you to see which days you’ve been nominated as a captain. If you’d like to switch a date with someone, please contact that person and make the change in the spreadsheet. The following are some work tasks for the captains:

  • Curate through the task list in melange to see if there are additional tasks that need to be changed from unpublished to published
  • Check in JIRA that all questions/comments have replies
  • Check in Talk/Answers that all questions/comments have replies
  • Give extension to a student, who has requested it (and another mentor forgot), if you deem that’s acceptable
  • Monitor that if a mentor requested rework on a task, that the mentor has either commented on the pull request or JIRA issue
  • See if there is a captain available for the next day

We plan to organize a weekly meeting on our IRC to ensure that we are all on the same page. I think sometime end of week like Friday morning 16.00 GMT (11am EST/9.30pm india/sri lanka) would be a good time for us to come together. If you are unable to attend the meeting live on the IRC, please post a thread on under the GCI category, if you want to convey some issues that you faced during the week. Remember that those conversations will be seen by everyone, so be careful about sharing personal details or gossip about people :slight_smile:

I will be importing all the issues from our JIRA to the melange task list in a short while using the bulk uploader. If you have already added your tickets into JIRA, that is good. If you want to improve on something, please do it in the next couple of hours. Good luck!!

PS: If you haven’t already done so, talk to the students and mentors at the intro thread.


Thanks Saptarshi for this overview. Very helpful for my own reassurance :smile:

Do we have an IRC channel for GCI mentors specifically? Or are we planning to use #openmrs?

I am finishing up my tickets within the next two hours. What’s the plan if we add/update tasks after you have imported them to Melange? Do we need to manually add them to Melange or should we run your script again?

We’ll use the same IRC channel #openmrs on freenode. I will run the script towards end of the day. For updates, we should update the JIRA issue itself. There is a new id tag in the CSV, so we should be able to re-run the script and not import duplicates

I will be approving claim requests, but won’t be able to review actual work until right before christmas…my school has a weird finals schedule (as mentioned prior)…

Thanks @r0bby … I am sure others can chip in to review the tasks as and when they are completed. I hope you can find some time during one of the days as captain to complete those captain work tasks.

Can more than one person be captain for those days?

Nice work Saptarshi.

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Yes @r0bby , that is why we have the backups. A captain can ask a backup for support. I’ve uploaded the tasks to melange, with some repeatability, but I double-clicked on the bulk upload button and it created double the duplicates than I wanted to… Anyways, we can just not publish what we don’t need.

Please verify if the beginner tasks seem appropriate and check the tasks on which you’ve been nominated as mentor. The mentor listed on the task is the reporter in JIRA, but I request everyone to support everyone else in answering questions from students!! Lets roll!! :wink:

Nice work! I’m not directly mentor on any…but students should be told that even if though there is only 1 or 2 mentors listed…they are able to ask any of us.

Hi @sunbiz, is that the final list of chosen mentors for Gci this year? I registered on melange as a mentor but saw no option for referring my registration to openmrs, so I thought administrators shall see and approve. Still am a bit on and off as am writing my final semester exams, however am sure I could have time enough for this program, please let me know if it’s not too late to be part of this.

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There’s a link to request a connection, that’s how you become a mentor with OpenMRS. I forgot where it is.

Cool work @sunbiz,

Yesterday, there are couple of students from India, ask about code in program in IRC. I have replied them most of the time. So obviously we all need to collaborative with the captains. Because students will come in different time zones. :smile:


Hi @k_joseph , we would love to see you mentor. Please send a connection request to OpenMRS from You will have register as a mentor for GCI 2014

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OpenMRS GCI Mentors join here:!forum/gci-mentors just indicate you are a OpenMRS GCI mentor in message field & they will add you to the list.

As mentioned, I already registered as a mentor on melange, what is the the connection request I should send and where specifically in openmrs do I need to send it?

Probably @r0bby, that’s the link I need, can someone get it so I can request please, otherwise am thankful for the current progress and communication speed


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Alright, I had missed out @r0bby’s last reply. Thanks, I have used the url and submitted. Thanks

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I had given you the wrong link at first.

I have approved the request from @k_joseph. :smile:

@sunbiz can you work to give him some days as captain role?

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BTW, I just realized that someone with Xcode needs to be able to review the iOS app. Or atleast with an iPhone to download and test the compiled app. @harshadura can you check? -