Mentors please let's try to review tasks within 35 hours

Hi all mentors.

Thanks to all mentors putting considerable work in helping gci kids succeed. If you will be unavailable for a while try to let me and other mentors know upfront. Not all mentors have the expertise required to review all task so you may receive gentle reminder about a task that requires your specific attention.

Also I’d like to let others know that we are still accepting mentors. If you are interested in mentoring irrespective of your skillsets then send me a DM. If you already filled the form and didn’t get a response, please also send me a DM.


Thanks @ivange94 for the reminder. :slight_smile:

I noticed that am not listed as a mentor to some tasks and hence i do not see them under my list of tasks to review. Was this intentional?

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@dkayiwa sorry about that. During the first wave of task upload I used a bulk uploader where the email address of all mentors where included in a file and I uploaded. But the subsequent task uploads have been manual which means I have to manually add 19 mentors to every task I upload. I tend to miss some emails by mistake.

What you could do is turn of My Task when on the dashboard so you can see all tasks instead of tasks assigned to you.

To answer your question: No it was not intentional :slight_smile:

So how do i turn off My Task? :smile:

I believe when you visit the tasks available for review you’d see this right at the bottom

For you it will be enabled, click on it to disable it.

That works. Though i need to keep sliding it because my dashboard reverts to always showing only my tasks. But any way, this is good enough :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. I will double check emails when uploading more tasks so you don’t have to be doing that always.

I found out why I kept missing your email in the new tasks. It appears we have 24 members on the mentor team and I thought it was just 19. It’s split into 2 pages and the first page shows only 20 mentors. So when I noticed that your name was not amongst the 20 then I saw that it was showing 1-20 of 24. You and others were on the next page. Sorry for that :slight_smile: