Mentoring Request: Previous platform managers

Hello @maany, @k_joseph, @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @darius, @mogoodrich (and any other devs who have done a platform release before)

@ssmusoke is trying to do a platform maintenance release of 1.11.6, will anyone of you be interested to mentor him through the release process. It won’t be as intensive as a main release but, would require your guidance on specific questions or concerns he might have.


Sure, i can be available at an agreed time to mentor @ssmusoke; but would wish this opportunity to go out first to pals like @maany, @jdegraft or any folks that have recently been release manages.

Ping me when you seem not to hear from any of them.


sure! I can spend time this weekend to help @ssmusoke, if that’s not too late.


Thank you @maany and @k_joseph for volunteering to mentor @ssmusoke, let’s move this discussion to messaging thread so that you guys can discuss on times agreeable to all of you.