Mental health terminology


AMPATH is looking for a set of terms for mental health care. I see over 300 terms matching “mental” in MCL.

  • Do you know of any specific commonly used or preferred collection of mental health terminology?

  • Is there a way to find all CIEL terms related to mental health?

I’m assuming AMPATH is interested in not only diagnoses, but also questions & answers (e.g., for standardized instruments used in mental health).


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The only way to do this sort of search would be to leverage the SNOMED CT reference maps. If you find all the descendents of the SNOMED code 74732009, and then look to see which CIEL concepts are mapped to those codes (either SNOMED CT or SNOMED NP) then you will have the subset in CIEL. Kaiser Permanente had a list of 1200 or so mental health diagnoses which are published as Convergent Medical Terminology subset.

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Thanks to @akanter, here’s a list of CIEL concepts (may include retired concepts) that are children of SNOMED’s Mental health disorder concept:

CIEL mental health disorders.txt (9.4 KB)

Thanks Andy!