Megathon - A 24 Hour Hackathon in Hyderabad, India

Hi all,

The E-Cells of IIIT Hyderabad and IIT Hyderabad are delighted to announce the second edition of Megathon, a 24 hour non-stop Hackathon with the intention of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and development among the student community in and around Hyderabad.

Participants will be presented with 5 problem statements divided into two categories - Corporate and Social. They would be building upon their ideas in teams of 1-4 with the help of some amazing mentors from both industry and academia. The winners would be chosen on the evaluation criteria provided by the case maker that shall be shared with all the participants on the day of the event.

Started in 2016, Megathon aims to encourage students to come up with innovative solutions to the problems of this century. It was 24 Hour Hackathon in which we had over 1000+ registration. Participates came up with really amazing ideas.

We, E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad would love to associate with OpenMRS in some way for this event, so please let me know if that is possible. The event is being held on 23-24th September 2017 in Hyderabad, India.

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Shivang Nagaria (@shivtej) Entrepreneurship Cell, IIIT Hyderabad website | facebook | twitter

@shivtej what is expected of OpenMRS, for this association?

Thanks for the reply, @dkayiwa.

We want an association which would be beneficial for both parties, for example, OpenMRS may help us in outreach or event sponsorship and in turn we can promote OpenMRS on our social media platforms and also during the event among participants. OpenMRS can also send some goodies for promotion purposes.

IIIT Hyderabad has a very good reputation in India and I think this partnership will benefit both parties in the long run.


Given the soon coming annual conference in Malawi which requires looking for funds and sponsors, i do not think OpenMRS would be in position to do sponsorship that has financial constraints. But any other involvement would be awesome. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa, that would be fine. If someone senior from OpenMRS can come to the event as mentor or speaker, that would be really great. We would love to have a person who has expertise in the themes of the event. As one purpose of the event is networking, it is possible that OpenMRS make some worthy connection in the Hyderabad which might be very helpful.

I can’t tell the exact problem statements right now but I can get back to you with them in a couple of days so that you can narrow your search for the person.

Let me know if this sounds fine.

Thanks :smiley:

Get back to us with the exact problem statement and she shall see what we can do. Thanks again for the great initiative! :slight_smile:

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Hi @dkayiwa,

The themes are:

  • ChatBot
  • Smart Cities
  • Making Selling Fum
  • Privacy & Security
  • Women Safety

I know these topic are very broad but due to our agreement with sponsors, I couldn’t share problem statements now. If you can recommend someone from OpenMRS community (and preferably from Hyderabad) based on the themes, we would be grateful to you.

Thanks :smiley:

Unfortunately, i do not know any one. :wink:

@dkayiwa, no problem but could you suggest me some people in turn who may know such people who would be interested in mentorship?

Apart from that, does OpenMRS wants to associate as knowledge partner? In turn, we can promote OpenMRS on different channels.


As for mentorship, is it for just one day? And for how many hours on that day? What is required of OpenMRS to be a knowledge partner?

I think we are too late for the association as the is the event is being held this weekend. It is a fault from my side - I should have contacted OpenMRS earlier. But, we can always associate for future events with E-Cell, IIIT Hyderabad.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Thanks again for the initiative!

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