Meetings and work progress updates

Hello @vietnguyen and HISP India team,

I’m excited to have a chance to work with the HISP India team, on this project. This is one of my major interests in OpenMRS.

Would it be possible to setup a meeting/some other way weekly/biweekly? to have updates from everyone. I would like to know if there is any way I can help with the progress? I think this would help us identify bottlenecks if any.

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Hi Sri,

I think for now we just need to finalize the new models that need to be added and start working on that. As mentioned in this topic, those are simple objects with basic attributes. I think you also created jira ticket for this. Second step is to map those models with the ADX format such as parsing and saving data. This is more complicate task. I will need some more time to give more details, and would be very appreciate if you could help on this.

Regarding meeting, currently we are very busy with multiple projects so afraid can’t do conference call. However, I think weekly/biweekly email for progress updating should work, as my team is still getting used to this openmrs talk.

Let me know if this is fine for you.

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That sounds great! I would be glad to help with the parsing and saving the data. The email update sounds good too.

I was just wondering: is any active work happening on this ADX project?

If it’s blocked, is that just for lack of time, or are there any discussions that need to happen?

@darius, It stopped because of lack of time, I’ll send out a mail and see if either HISP india or Jembi has some spare cycles now.

We also have some MVP-related work in Ghana that has a developer available (to integrate OpenMRS with DHIS2). Can I point them this direction?

@akanter, I think that would be great to get things started, it would need some initial understanding of the strategy and codebase but, I can help the developer with that.

I have forwarded this discussion to Kishore Nerella who will be in touch soon!


Is there any news on the ADX/DHIS2 integration project?

We are currently working on updating the OMRS implementation. I believe that @maurya met with Kishore extensively. Kishore is in Ghana at the moment preparing the server, but I don’t know what has been done on the actual bridge.