Medication tab - adding fields to filter drugs by category and line of treatment

Hi all,

First i would like to say I’m new to the community, started recently working on bahmni and times over it has been a good resource to find solutions and responses to issues and questions I have been finding daily.

As part of the project I’m working on currently, we were tasked in adding a feature to allow the clinicians to choose medication they are prescribing to a patient based on the Category and Line of treatment.

This feature is created as a way to narrow down drug options only to those which are applicable.

Creating drug order sets was seen in the beginning as a viable way however it would require the configuration to be done manually on all health facilities across the country, and by limitation depending on the treatment, drugs and quantities vary between patients.

So as a solution we created concept sets for drug categories (ARV and TB) and their respective lines:

  • ARV - 1st line
  • ARV - 2nd line
  • ARV - 3rd line
  • TB - Sensitive
  • TB - Resistant

So the perscription tab now looks like this:


And after each option is selected the drug options avaliable for selection are narrowed down.

Please let me know if this would be of service for the community so we can share more.

Update: 2019-08-02: Adding @nthfloor and @akhilmalhotra1 for tracking purposes.

This seems interesting. @jteich any thoughts? people from endTB, would these be useful for you?

@amosh101 can you please bring this up in the upcoming PAT call?

CIEL already has convenience sets for adult/child 1/2 line therapy which can be used.

Sure, where can i get information on the upcoming call? Also which timezone are these in?

Hi Andrew, can you please pinpoint me to where i can find additional information on the CIEL sets? Thanks very much for the response.

Check out this discussion of Drug-drug interactions which includes discussion about allergies and CIEL. Drug-drug Interactions for Bahmni Also, if you search for CIEL on Talk, you will find a lot of references to the concept dictionary. The OCL project also is the main way to access CIEL concepts in the near future…

@angshuonline and @amosh101 and all – I think the workflow shown in the screenshot above makes a lot of sense. This is “order by indication” – that is, find the precise order you want by starting with the purpose of the treatment. It is not always popular among experienced clinicians because after a moderate amount of experience they pretty much know exactly what they want to order – but if the clinicians don’t have that experience, or if the available drugs change frequently, this can be a very helpful workflow.

Order sets can do the same thing, and are more familiar to many clinicians; but order sets are better when you’re going to order several things at once. I like this for a quick way to order one medication at a time based on indication.

@jteich Thanks for your inputs.

Initially I was also insisting that this might not be needed since the clinicians are experienced and they know what they want to order. But it was on the clinician’s insistence that we came up with this workflow.

Order sets was also suggested but since the clinicians wanted to order one drug at a time, they liked this solution more.

– Akhil