Medication information between OpenERP and Bahmni

I have a scenario where drugs are allocated in Polyclinic by nurse or doctor using Bahmni. Then the patient will retrieve the actual drugs from pharmacy (through OpenERP).

However in OpenERP the only information available are drug name and total quantity of drug. There’s no other information such as

Dose : 2 Tablet, Thrice a day etc

How can the pharmacy see the above information ? maybe I can see it through OpenMRS ? Do I need to create a Bahmni account for pharmacy staff and let the close visit action done by him or her ? (This is the last thing I want to do because if the patient visit has not been closed, we can’t differentiate which patient has completed a visit and which patient is still waiting in the waiting room (before being called to a polyclinic)

Hi, There are a couple of ways for someone in pharmacy to see the prescription

  1. A button “Latest Prescription” can be shown in the Quotation page in erp like in the screenshot below Clicking on the button opens a new tab and takes the user to clinical medication tab where the user can see the latest prescription for the patient.
  2. A button “Print bill and Prescription” shows up after the quotation is confirmed. Clicking on the user can print latest bill from erp and latest prescription from EMR.
  3. User can be provided access to medication tab in EMR, Or the billing app which takes the user directly to medication tab after clicking and provides a button from medication tab to go to erp.

Hope this helps.

How do I enable any of the ways above ? What are the steps ?

  • The latest prescription buttons should appear by default i think. I see that on the demo instance of Bahmni.
  • For providing access to just medication tab, you can probably try out giving user the privilege “Clinical-App-Treatment” or one of the privileges mentioned on this page

For billing app, i see that there is documentation missing. May be you can try it out looking at this, if you feel like trying out this solution.