mdsbuilder Platform needs to be upgraded to 1.11.x

@raff, @ryan, mdsbuilder needs to be upgraded to 1.11.x.

The current version is 1.9.x and the ref app 2.4 release is based on 1.11.x. Also mds on mdsbuilder is 1.1.8 and for the release we are using 1.2.

I am quite happy to do the upgrade.

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Infra Team will defer to @raff on that, as the owner of the dev box. But in general, upgrades are good :slight_smile:

I’m not @raff, but I can state authoritatively on behalf of the engineering team that we want to get the mdsbuilder server upgraded to:

  • the latest Platform 1.11.x release
  • the version of the metadatasharing module that will be in Refapp 2.4
  • the latest CIEL dictionary

…and this is a blocker for moving forwards with the Reference Application 2.4 release process.

So, the sooner this moves forwards, the better!

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Actually there was an error creating/exporting mds concept packages, see below

We are also looking at this as a possible problem in CIEL, however it is worth pointing that as of Sunday morning, 3/3/2016, the CIEL already loaded on mdsbuilder had the same errors.

This could be an error in mds as well.

mds error

I can address the upgrade tomorrow.

BTW I don’t know how I became the owner of that box. It is actually a production environment for creating Reference Application metadata packages. We really should have the server configured using scripts and do backups. Anyone from the engineering team should be able to do it.

Update: I can no longer ssh to mdsbuilder. E-mailed helpdesk to help me.

Pinging this post to know the status from @raff. If, it is not yet solved, I would like to request helpdesk members to make this a community priority ticket. This is a BLOCKER for Reference Application 2.4 release.

I got my access back today. I’ll do the upgrade tomorrow.


I’m done with upgrading openmrs-core to 1.11.5 and metadatasharing to 1.2. You can proceed with upgrading CIEL and exporting packages.