MDS Duplicate Error Importing Concept with Existing Answer in unused locale

I am importing an MDS package using the MIRROR import mode, with a coded concept 1827 (HISTORY OF SYPHILIS TEST IN PAST 12 MONTHS) which has the following concepts as answers

  • No (1066)
  • Unknown (1067)
  • Yes (1065)

However I am getting an exception for 1065 that Oui is a duplicate in the French locale - yet I am not using French anywhere. Complete stack trace here

Platform: 1.11.6 MDS: 1.2 Metadata deploy: 1.7 Meta data mapping: 1.0.2 Reference App: 2.5-SNAPSHOT

@raff @wluyima @dkayiwa just confirmed that the Reference Application installed using SDK contains two concepts 1 and 2 which are duplicates of 1065 and 1066 which are not included in CIEL, I am not sure what other concepts may be different from CIEL.

I am currently downloading 2.4 Standalone to verify if it also contains the same issue (may be in an hour or so due to its large size)

I think this ticket captures the problem:

Would love to see this get fixed!