May 2017 Volunteer of the Month: Cintia Del Rio

I’m happy to announce that the community has selected Cintia Del Rioas the Volunteer of the Month for May! We are really lucky to have Cintia working with us. Thank you for your commitment to OpenMRS Cintia!

Name: Cintia

My openmrs ID@cintiadr

Tell us a little about your background: I’ll keep it short and sweet! I graduated in computer science in my hometown, Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil. I started my career as a C++ developer :D. I moved to Java development for quite a while, and I accidentally ended up in a DevOps team at Atlassian when I moved to Sydney/Australia. Fast forward 5 years, and I’m still devops’ing in Sydney and loving it :slight_smile:

When did you start with OpenMRS: apparently I joined the community on 13th Feb 2014!

How did you get interested in OpenMRS: my hubby (boyfriend back then) was contributing to OpenMRS as a java developer, and he convinced me that I could help OpenMRS :love_letter: And here I am.

How do you participate in the community: I’m part of infrastructure team (helping with the community resources like talk, wiki, issue tracker, quite a few services up and running), and I also help with CI/CD automation (think about release and deployment) and any other devops/infrastructure on the way. You probably see me a lot answering tickets on helpdesk too.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time: Traveling! :smiley:

What’s your favorite OpenMRS moment or tell us what makes OpenMRS special to you: I suppose the reason why I decided to join and I stayed is because it’s a very kind and welcoming community. People are really here to help – which is particularly different of so many other open source communities.


Congrats @cintiadr! We’re fortunate to have you! Thanks!

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Congrats @cintiadr! Well deserved and keep up the great work.

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Volunteer of the year, I’d say! Thanks @cintiadr! :champagne:


Congrats @cintiadr.

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Yaaaay!!! @cintiadr this is very very well deserved! :bouquet:

Because of the awesome work you are doing, i anxiously long to see you in one of our annual OpenMRS meetings! My heart yearns to physically meet people who have done a marvellous work for this community. And you are among those on the top of my list. :slight_smile:

Basing on how you got interested in OpenMRS, i think i should also convince my wife to start contributing. It will help us improve in regards to gender balance. Ladies in tech! :smile:

By the way, on a side note, it took me long to realise that you were not male. All because you were doing a lot and i had not been used to seeing females do all that, basing on my background and previous experience! :smile:


@cintiadr - Very well deserved. You are a rock star. I’m always impressed by your consistent great contributions. You have helped us on many occasions. Partners In Health is very grateful to you.

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Congrats and well-deserved @cintiadr!


Congrats @cintiadr . You rightly deserve this title! Thanks for helping me out in the past as well! Keep doing what you’re​ doing :slight_smile:

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Congrats @cintiadr! You are a super rockstar! I’m always impressed by the work you do, your thoughtful and insightful comments regarding a variety of issues, and your kindness to others. Kudos, well deserved.


Congratulations @cintiadr and thank you so much for all you have done for the community including your leadership!

I hope you have early December blocked on your calendar, because, like others, I’m eager to meet you at an OpenMRS conference. In fact, if you’re unable to travel to it, let me be the first to propose a conference in Australia! We’ll get @thannan and Atlassian to organize & fund it and bring the party to you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s contributions and spirits like yours that make open and rest so wonderful! This is well-deserved recognition.

Thanks so much for all the kind messages :slight_smile:

It’s my pleasure to help the community.

And @dkayiwa, yes, talk to your lady! :smiley:

Lol @burke I’m not at Atlassian anymore, I’m actually working for the government (health related!).

But sure, December is as good as any other month! :smiley:

Burke, an opportune email as I am about to take a LONG extended period of leave from July and have the time and desire to do this. Let us communicate more on this. Terry

@cintiadr well deserved, and thanks for keeping the QA infrastructure up and running to keep our mistakes at bay :slight_smile: as we strive to :writing_hand: more code to save lives

@cintiadr congratulations!! thanks for all you are doing and have done!

Congratulations and Thank you !!

How do we start an initial plan that Burke has suggested? Maybe a good site would be Macquarie University with Enrico Coiera’s faculty at the AIHA. I have had a recurring dream to get the “Dream Team” to Oz

Congrats @cintiadr

congratulations @cintiadr :birthday: thank you for all your work, support and positiveness :smile: