Maven Repo downloads incredibly slow

Access to Maven Repo via JFrog has been painfully slow for the past several hours (if not longer), making the SDK pretty much unusable.

I’m not seeing any current JFrog outages listed:

… but when I go to the OpenMRS JFrog repo it’s slow to load (so doesn’t seem to be an issue with the DNS, which I know we had in the past).

Is anyone else experiencing this? I was wondering/guessing if we are being throttled due to some monthly download limit?

Thanks all!

@dkayiwa @ibacher @burke @cintiadr

Take care, Mark

I don’t see any warnings about that and it seems unlikely… We’re actually fairly well below our high-watermark of usage over the last 6 months (we apparently transferred around 1.2 TB in each of February, March, and April; we’re at about 800 GB for July).

Also possibly related: (JFrog appears to be hosted on AWS)

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Not quite sure what was happening, but it appears to be moving at a reasonable speed again now, thanks @ibacher