maven not running successfully

hello why is it that my mvn -v is failing to run successfully today yet the other day it ran successfully and the open-mrs sdk also ran successfully?

it seems there’s no space between n and - try this mvn -v

i spaced them

is there anything you did that could have removed it? try restarting your machine

@georgejr Have you tried using the cmd command line? or on git bush mvn -v

@irenyak1 i remember after installing it and being successful, i shut it down till monday when i tried to run mvn -v but then it failed

@jwnasambu i tried using both

What is the output?

Admin@Geo-Jr MINGW64 ~ $ mvn -v bash: mvn: command not found

Then it means Maven is not installed. Is it OK you install again?

let me try once more but i installed before and it ran successfully

@georgejr why don’t you try uninstalling and later install the latest version of maven like I did with mine and it worked. If not try using cmd if git bash is not performing as well as it should be.

am doing it

@jwnasambu @irenyak1 @odorajonathan i have reinstalled it and it has worked thank you


We wish you success.:clap:

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