Maven: Error occurred while filtering resources

I’ve downloaded source codes from Git Repository with Eclipse (Version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)) and is trying to build codes, but I’ve encountered several build errors and could not resolve them after much investigation. Please find the error information as below.

  • After downloading codes with Eclipse and running Maven clean install, I Maven Build Success

  • And after launching Webapp with browser, it is seems my Webapp is running well.

  • [Error 03] However, in my Eclipse, there’re still 3 build errors. The 3rd error is very weird error. It only says this’s [Maven Java EE Configuration Problem] and [An error occurred while filtering resources openmrs-webapp]. There’s not any other information mentioned. Please find the screenshot as below and see the part highlighted with the RED rectangle:

And here’s the error message:

An error occurred while filtering resources openmrs-webapp line 1 Maven Java EE Configuration Problem

Please kindly help deal with them and suggest me how I should work on this source. Any advice will be very appreciated. Thank you very much.

If “maven clean install” works, then you should just ignore the eclipse errors. I think that is a problem with eclipse not OpenMRS.


Yet they are very annoying. I keep deleting them :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. May I confirm that: In the future if I encounter any build errors in Eclipse but get Maven Build Success, can I Always ignore the build errors in Eclipse? Or it should depend by case?

Sorry to have this question because I’m not familiar to Maven. Please kindly help suggest. Thank you very much.


I have been developing for OpenMRS for a while now, but i still get those errors i had the first day i imported openmrs-core in eclipse. But you can try resolving them and update the community with how you did it :slight_smile:

Hello Ivange, I got it. Many thanks for your reply. So I can start to work on OpenMRS now. Thank you a lot!! :slight_smile: