Maven dependency error in PHR module

I was trying to explore the openmrs personhr(PHR) module.

I have cloned the repo from this link: GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-personalhr: Personal Health Record module for OpenMRS

Switch to 0.0.3 branch.

Then I opened the repo in eclipse and then eclipse started downloading the required dependency. But get an error in “messaging-api-0.9.0-beta.jar" dependency.

Error: The container 'Maven Dependencies' references non existing library '/home/dhananjay/.m2/repository/org/openmrs/module/messaging-api/0.9.0-beta/messaging-api-0.9.0-beta.jar'

You may have had a network issue when maven was downloading the required repositories that is why you didn’t have the right jars. adding a -U to a maven clean install will get them for you. So if the above solutions aren’t working try this:

Right click on your project -> Choose Run as -> Maven build...
In the Goals field type "clean install -U" and select Run
After that completes right click on your project again and choose Maven -> Update Project and click ok.


I don’t have network issue. And I have already tried the mentioned solution.

If your internet is okay and still getting the error, then do Project->Clean and then be sure you have selected your project directory and then do the follow Project->Build.

@dhananjayvalte You probably need to build this module yourself. It may no longer live in the Maven repository.

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@ibacher Thanks for your inputs. I will do that.