Maternal Concept Lab Metadata Export Link Error

I am trying to export a concept from the maternal concept lab, but I am getting an error building the metadata sharing package any ideas how I can get that to work?

Another question - if I import the MDS package into my installation and there are already existing concepts with the ids that I have exported, will there be an error or will they be silently overwritten?

I think you need to ask Jonathan Payne. I don’t think anyone is actually exporting from MCL. The plan is to move over to OCL any day as OCL has mostly completed the beta test. is the new site. I would recommend using CIEL (the actual source of the data) from the dropbox to load into a local version of OpenMRS and use MDS from there to your system. This is what @ball does for PIH.

@akanter will do that - seems to make sense for the long run too but had never thought of it …

If you want to build MDS packages from the CIEL dictionary (OpenMRS 1.9.9), I can provide access to a server which can build mds packages. @ssmusoke - Get in touch with me.

The export from MCL hasn’t worked in a long time.

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