Mark patient dead error

I am still trying out openmrs. On attempting to Mark a patient dead, I get this error

I use reference application 2.9 and Xampp as my server with MySql Server version: 5.6.45.

Any help will be really appreciated. Many thanks

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@slubwama did you see this?

Are you able to reproduce it here?

No. Though the cause of death options doesn’t show up and this you can’t complete it in the demo. My case is different as the error I described shows up as soon as I click on " Mark patient deceased "

I have tried it on four different installations with same error. The question is; Does this come as default or do I need to change anything in the settings or code? Thanks

Can you update the demo server with the cause of death and see if you can reproduce it?

The drop down for the cause of death in the demo doesn’t work. However, my case as explained above doesn’t even get to that stage as it throws framework UI error as soon as you click on mark patient deceased. Thanks

Are you able to reproduce this on the standalone version of the reference application 2.9.0?

My apologies for the delay. I didn’t get a notification that there has been a reply. Will try that and let you know. What benefit does the standalone version have over what I already have apart from possibly this? Will all my modules edits still be functional? I guess I have to read up on it. Thanks

I suspect that I chose the enterprise over the standalone version based on this info on " Both of these products are available in a Standalone version for evaluation purposes, and an Enterprise version suitable for production deployment".

This will be strictly for production purpose. I guess this problem will be fixed someday. In the meantime, I can just make a note in the patient’s clinical record that they are now deceased. Not ideal but will do for now. Is there demo enterprise edition? Thanks

FWIW, the standalone version is being used in production for more than 100 sites in Nigeria. Asking to check if you can reproduce the problem in a fresh standalone version is simply for troubleshooting purposes.

Hello Daniel! My apologies if my response came across as being rude. That wasn’t my intention…it was a response based on pure ignorance on my part. not a developer and was just posting what I saw on the site. You have been one of the most helpful persons I know in the openmrs community. There were no innuendos in my response. It was simply a quest for info. Once again, Accept my heartfelt apologies if this came across differently. Many thanks.

I think the problem could be with my wording. Your response was not rude at all. Not in any way. I just made myself clearer, after having noticed that i gave you half information, which led to your not understanding my intention of trying out the standalone version for just troubleshooting purposes. Therefore, you do not need to apologise at all. I just forgot to add a smiley, like i usually do, to make people feel comfortable with their responses. :smile:

Many thanks. I will try out the standalone version within the next few day and let you know. . Cheers

Hello Daniel! I have been able to get this to work on the enterprise version now. I had used create demopatients on next start up . However, reinstalling without this fixes the problem. But using it again recreates it. It may just be luck or might be a problem with my setup. Many thanks for your help