Mark Patient as Dead

Are we saying the encounter is to be required? I’d think no, you can only set an encounter if the patient dies in during an encounter.

@wyclif No the encounter is not required. but we are talking about improving the functionality in ref app to have a free text which can have some details for cause of death. The current functionality doesn’t carter for that. I was requesting for guidance on how to improve this functionality. Thats all

@slubwama, capturing free-text cause of death generally makes sense to me. I would suggest that you create a ticket for adding this to the openmrs-core data model, so that we eventually get this in there.

If this will get implemented in the next planned refapp version, and thus should be able to use the next platform release, we’d just handle it that way.

Or do you need to make it run on the current platform, prior to adding this to the core data model?

@slubwama okay I get that, I guess I was trying to understand what you meant by the quote above.

@darius the improvement is to ensure that the ticket closes. One of the acceptance criteria was to have a free text cause of death on top of the coded cause of death which is already existing. It would be nice to have it as part of the openmrs-core. I am going to create the ticket. Am I allowed to write code for core. as dev 2 if so I will be happy to do so. with guidance.

@darius here is the created ticket

@slubwama my recommendation is that since we’re really in the period where dev needs to be complete for the 2.8.0 release, that you should quickly commit everything except for the free-text cause of death. Then you should create a followup RefApp ticket for adding free-text cause of death, which you can do pretty quickly after adding data model support in core. (It would eventually be included in the 2.9.0 refapp release.)

Everyone is encouraged to write code for openmrs-core! There’s no prerequisite of having any particular developer stage. You can’t commit code directly until you’re a /dev/4, but that just means that before that stage you’d follow the typical Pull Request workflow.

@darius thanks for the guidance .

@darius I am currently working on this issue ( and created a pull request with the according changes (

In order to document the changes correctly I would need the version number when the feature is going to be released. I just read it would be 2.8.0. Is this still the planned date (@darius @dkayiwa )

I just saw it would be 2.9.0. Sorry about that

How can I do this exactly? i am trying to add causes of death but haven’t found a clear way . i have been to System Administration → Advanced Administration ->Advanced Settings-> then stuck with concept.causeOfDeath 5002 .

@dkayiwa @ggomez @sharif

Create a coded concept with possible causes of death. Then replace that setting’s value of 5002 with the id of the concept that you have created. Login

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I was able to do it Thanks @dkayiwa

Maybe for anybody else, to mark a patient deceased,

first, navigate to Login System Administration → Advanced Administration ->Advanced Settings(under maintenance)-> click on the dictionary to create a concept, → click add new concept and fill in the form and select data type as coded

on answers add the causes of death you can find save the concept and copy its ID

Navigate back to Advanced Settings and find the property named concept.causeOfDeath Paste the Created concept ID as its value. by default, there is 5002 as it value. replace it with the ID of the created concept

You can save and go back to marking your patient as deceased. the causes will appear in the dropdown

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