March 2015 OpenMRS University calls / Forum schedule

Hi All Here is the March 2015 OpenMRS University calls / Forum schedule Feb 25th Feb 2015: Chart Search by Kaweesi Joseph

March 4th March 2015: GSoC preparation Vaibhav Agarwal & Aniketha Katakam 11th March 2015: Development in the Reporting Module 18th March 2015: Development in REST Module 25th March 2015: OpenMRS Security: Flexibility

For those with no presenters i will post them after I confirm with them,please feel free to reply here if you wish to present any of the above topics

In the interest of having a more interesting and organized forum we have come up with the notes page HERE to collect ideas or topics for the Future OpenMRS University calls / Forum

Please feel free to add your topic or idea and we shall have it scheduled.

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