MAR(Medication Administration Record) functionality in OpenMRS

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Question: Hi all,

Is there a MAR(Medication Administration Record) functionality in OpenMRS? I couldn’t find any information searching the forum.

Thanks **

could this link be important Drug dispense and administration in OrderEntryUi

@phineas629 there could be very many modules which can be used as MAR but it may have different name, so what exactly do you want your MAR functionality be. i guess if you explain what you are trying we can find a way to figure out the functionality module in openmrs

I need it mainly for medication administration in my assisted living/nursing home.

  • notification when medication, amount and time is to be given
  • employee sign off on giving medication and time
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is this this something related to vaccinations administration ?? cc @ball @c.antwi

We use a dispensing module – to show what the Pharmacy dispenses to the patient – not the 2 things @phineas629 requested (notifications and signoff)

Sounds useful tho.

so it seems there is no module or current development of a MAR then.