Maputo: Something different for sessions

I would like to propose that we add time for some prepared talks – in addition to “unconferencing” at the OpenMRS Implementers conferences. Many implementers wants to hear (and share) about other projects. Not everyone is able to speak off the cuff and especially challenging for anyone who hasn’t been to an unconference before.

I am hoping that we could have a session called “Implementation Showcase” where each projects was described in 15 minutes. Hopefully other groups will join. I would love to hear updates from Kenya, Philippines, Rwanda, India, Pakistan, Haiti, and especially all the other amazing implementations that we don’t know much about. The PIH teams (Haiti, Rwanda, Lesotho, and Malawi) are preparing visuals and key indicators (number of patients, obs, encounters, programs, etc) for this session.

I love the lightning sessions, so hope those will return. However describing an implementation can’t be contained in 5 minutes of lightning talk. Demo sessions were good, but not so helpful to the demoer who cannot see the others examples.

Is there a place on Lanyard or OpenMRS Talk to suggested topics in advance of the conference? Could we have a job board in Maputo (and available online)? PIH is hiring for a few positions.

Ellen Ball Partners In Health


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