Many Bamboo plans have no notifications

Today in IRC @mseaton mentioned not getting notified about a failed plan build. It turns out by looking that many plans don’t have any notifications at all set up.

We used to notify (at minimum) the committer and any plan watchers (starred) of failed builds. Is there any reason why we stopped doing that?

Is that something that needs to be individually addressed/maintained for each plan? If so, perhaps it’s due to the second law of thermodynamics.

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Burke is probably right, it feels to me more like a feature missing in Bamboo: a template for notifications for new builds. A while ago I tried to understand how to create a plugin to cover that, but I couldn’t get a decent prototype - I eventually gave up.

What we can do is use ‘Bulk Action’ and add to all current builds (new builds might suffer of the same problem). I believe that Bamboo won’t add duplicates if a notification already exists, but we can test in staging first.

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I would love e-mail notifications to come back.


I just tested a plan in Bamboo and I received the email correctly. As well I added a notification to a plan and got the red build email.

Is there any build already configured to send emails which is failing to do so? It would be another problem, not the lack of notifications configured, but some problem when delivering it.

The upgrade of Bamboo shouldn’t affect that at all, and I don’t believe that notifications where deliberately deleted. Audit log was disabled on the instance, no next change in configurations should be traceable.

I am not aware of any…