Managing concepts in OpenMRS? Join the Open Concept Lab (OCL) Squad!

Are you tasked with managing concepts for your organization or implementation(s)? Then you know the challenges of creating, managing, and deploying concepts for OpenMRS implementations.

Did you know OpenMRS and OpenConceptLab (OCL) communities have been collaborating on concept management with the goal of leveraging OCL to manage & distribute concepts to OpenMRS implementations? Over the past year, the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager (a custom application built to leverage OCL) has been subsumed into OCL’s evolving Term Browser. It’s now much easier to edit concepts directly in OCL and features like sorting of answers & set members and deep cloning of CIEL concepts are imminent. CIEL releases are coming out nearly every month and are immediately available within OCL. And OCL exports are supported by iniz (the initializer module). In 2023, we expect a growing number of implementations will begin migrating to OCL for dictionary management.

If you want to help influence the ways OpenMRS leverages OCL and/or want to ensure your concept management needs are considered, let us know of your interest by replying here or joining the #ocl channel in Slack. We are looking for a new time for our weekly meetups, so we thought this would be a good time to reach out and see if others are interested in joining in the discussion and wanted to be included in the doodle poll. :slight_smile:

/cc @jamlung @paynejd @suruchi


This includes anyone who is doing concept dictionary management within the community! Let us know how we can help, and how we can make it possible for you to participate in discussions!

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