Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Nigeria active implementers

Dear Joseph,

I was reading the OpenMRS Annual Report 2015 and noted that Nigeria is not listed as a country in which OpenMRS is being implemented. This is in contrast to the mail below.

Kindly contact the relevant person in the OpenMRS community to correct this or get appropriate guidance on how to ensure that implementations in Nigeria are captured in the database of the Community.

Best wishes.

Prof.Kayode ODUSOTE

On 9/18/15, joseph Aghatise jaghatise■■■■■■■■■■ wrote:

The OpenMRS West Africa team is glad to welcome Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Nigeria to a list of active implementations of OpenMRS in Nigeria.

OpenMRS user training was conducted simultaneously across three facilities support by MSH, Nigeria (Usmanu Dafodiyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH), Sokoto State, University of Illorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), Illorin, Kwara State and General Hospital Minna, Niger State). The success of these trainings is attributed to the outcome of effective stake-holders engagement from project initiation to actual implementation.

Everyone, please join in welcoming MSH, Nigeria to list of *Active *implementers of OpenMRS in Nigeria.


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Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention @kayodu.

I can see on OpenMRS Atlas that Nigeria is very much represented (although many implementations have not been updated in several months).

Could yourself or @jaghatise refer us to the points of contact who can help us ensure that the Atlas is up to date?

Regarding the annual report, the data was gathered during a recent implementation survey. I will investigate and try to determine why the data from the Nigerian implementations were not included.

Thank you Pascal. I earlier faulted the report and wrote Terry for possible adjustment/update. As at today, there are over 90 active implementations of OpenMRS spread across Tertiary, Secondary and Primary Health facilities in Nigeria. Gibril Gomez (gibrilgmz■■■■■■■■■■) is saddle with the task of updating implementation locations on the atlas.

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Okay thanks @jaghatise. I wonder if @ggomez can let us know if Atlas is up to date.

I will continue to investigate how we missed the Nigeria data in our report.

This is wonderful news! Thanks in advance to the team for keeping up to date so we can help the world know about the wonderful work happening in Nigeria. :slight_smile:

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I apologize for missing Nigeria in the report. We relied upon multiple methods to produce the list, but, in retrospect, we realize that we missed some countries (including Nigeria). We are discussing ways to modify the report to include those countries who were inadvertently not included in the current version.

Thanks for your patience. @terry.


This is very good news and glad that Nigeria is so well represented in the OpenMRS community if not in the annual report :slight_smile: !

Dear All,

Could all those implementing OpenMRS kindly go to the OpenMRS Atlas module and add/update their sites so we can have an up-to-date information on those implementing as a starting point for exchange of experiences and information.

As of today, Institute of Human Virology and Millennium Village are the major implementers in Nigeria as shown on the OpenMRS Atlas.




Attached FYI.

We need to get Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) onboard. They are also implementing OpenMRS in some locations across Nigeria.

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Dear Joseph,

Please do. It would take just a few minutes to put your implementations on the map.


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